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  • I have been working with Mr.Batpurev since 2006 when we were running a campaign “Mining: Step forward or Back?!” His team implemented that campaign very successfully and made big contribution in balancing the interest of investors and people of Mongolia during the discussion on new Mineral law.

    Algaa Namgar
    Mongolian National Mining Association
  • Batpurev is a results oriented person and he has shown that he is a good organizer, but his research capacity cannot be overlooked as well, especially his ability to breakdown very complicated issues into simple and intelligible pieces, and present it to non-technical audiences. 

    Dr. Batsukh Tserendorj
    UFE Professor
  • One of his strengths is his ability to analyze different issues from multi-stakeholder viewpoint, reflecting impact of certain policies on different groups in the society.

    Amarjargal Rinchinnyam
    Former Prime Minister of Mongolia

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